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Good News for a Month

In Good News for a Month, J. Arthur cultivates, nourishes, and encourages the most important relationship in life you will ever have: your relationship with God. This book fearlessly explores some of life's toughest questions and then boldly offers biblically based advice. With the compelling mixture of Scripture and Poetry, what you have is a devotional unlike any other.

“Of the many journeys in life you will take, reading this book should be one of them. The heart of the message is life-changing and transformational. Truly unlike any other devotional, Good News for a Month is a 'timely' investment you’ll be glad you made. It’s pure poetry... magnifying God’s Word and glorifying His name! It’s a great book to carry with you on any walk with God. It picks you up and doesn’t let you down!”

"Good News for a Month walks you through what's truly important and keeps you on the right path. This little book is a worthwhile addition to your spiritual reading."

"This book gives a whole new meaning to 'Taking Life Head On.' Filled with biblical principles and practical applications, it gets you thinking about the things that really matter. It's a month long adventure you'll never forget."

ISBN: 9780557371938



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