Eternal Thanks
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Faith in Action

Each framed poem is made in the USA with sustainably sourced materials using eco-friendly UV printing. They're hand frosted, so each piece is unique.

Price: $59.99


Size and Weight Information:

Height: 18.00"
Width: 15.00"
Depth: 0.625" (5/8")
Weight: 1.00 lb.

It goes like this...

...Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

— James 2:17

Faith in Action

It's tough to battle notions others preconceive
But that's no reason not to say what you believe

Yet there's not a lot to say that hasn't been said
So forget about talking—take action instead!

Take hold of hypocrisy, and tear it apart
Love each of your enemies, with all of your heart

Forgive any trespass—future, past, or present
Bear others' burdens, no matter how unpleasant

Welcome the least and lost to feast at your table
Give gladly to the poor, as much as you're able

Let go of the wheel; let the Holy Spirit drive
Through all your actions, show that Jesus is alive!