Eternal Thanks
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Choosing to Change

Each framed poem is made in the USA with sustainably sourced materials using eco-friendly UV printing. They're hand frosted, so each piece is unique.

Price: $59.99


Size and Weight Information:

Height: 18.00"
Width: 15.00"
Depth: 0.625" (5/8")
Weight: 1.00 lb.

It goes like this...

...Be made new in the attitude of your minds.

— Ephesians 4:23

Choosing to Change

Is there a bad habit or behavior you wish to quit?
Can you see quitting's benefit, yet you still can't commit?

Quitting is never easy; it's a process with a plan
To quit successfully, here's what you need to understand

Most everyone would like to change an aspect of their life
But without Christ, you can't change that which truly causes strife

And though many will say, "I'll change, someday..." most never do
For they have not asked Jesus for a mind that's been made new

Breaking a habit is hard, and addictions are the worst
To stop any such cycle, one's attitude must change first

It may not seem as though, but you control what's on your mind
The kinds of thoughts you think, lead to the attitude you find

Once the attitude has changed, quitting's process can begin
But where it starts, is asking God, to change you from within